Friday, February 15, 2013

Vinyl Mr. & Mrs. Signs

While meandering through pins on Pinterest I saw a DIY project for signs for the bedroom.

I really can't remember what medium was used, but I do remember that is said, "Mr. & Mrs."

I thought that was the perfect thing for a married couple's bedroom. I am totally in love with my husband and I will jump at any opportunity to show my love for him and let the world know. Although most of the world does not see my bedroom I still like the idea of showing that I am apart of an amazing relationship with my husband, so what better way to do that than putting it in black and white?! Literally! :)

So to change it up a bit I just went with the vinyl on a picture frame. I used two 8x10 frames (these were cheap document frames). I got with my vinyl lady and she made me some vinyl in the Alice in Wonderland font. (We love all these Tim Burton-it fit our personality and what our relationship is about). I know many of you have some sort of crafting/cutting machine that could cut the vinyl for you. That will be even cheaper and easier! I really need to break down and buy one. I scrapbook OFTEN and DIY and CRAFT all the time. I really don't know how I don't already have one...
...ANYWAY! back on topic...
She cut them so that the vinyl was backward to stick on the inside of the glass. This way is much better because it makes it easier to clean. Doing it the other way makes it so you have to clean around the letters. It will still look nice if you can't do it backwards.

Here they are!
I will have them hung up once my hubby gets a few minutes. I would attempt it, but it will look horrible and uneven if I try. I am horrible at hanging stuff on the walls.

I plan to hang them on either side of the bed. 

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