Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's Valentine's Day again!

In years past, even when I wasn't with someone, I ALWAYS loved Valentine's Day. I love the colors. I love the candies. I love, Love, LOVE the FLOWERS! Oh how I love flowers... The great thing about this day is you can share it with anyone. It doesn't have to be a significant other. In grade school I  enjoyed giving and receiving those cheesy little cards. The best part was when you got one from your crush and you took that "Bzzzzz Bee Mine" or "I'm bananas for you" a little too literally. Hehe. My fun didn't end there. I always had to hand make special cards for my family and friends. This didn't end when I got older. I continued this cheesy little tradition. I had a few boyfriends through school, but the relationships never lasted through the big day. Then one day I got a boyfriend in December, haha... So Valentine's Day rolls around and I got TWO DOZEN ROSES! That was so amazing to me. I have not been the same ever since. I LOVE FLOWERS! That relationship didn't last, but I will never forget the first time a boy, besides my dad, gave me roses. :) Now I am married and have kids. I have to say, it just gets better and better. My husband and I don't do too much now that we've been together for awhile, but I really enjoy doing something special for the kids. They adore it! The small things really excite them right now and I want to do as much to make them happy as I can.

UNFORTUNATELY! This year I was a bad mama. I got caught up trying to finish that pattern, that the day snuck up on me! How does that happen? I feel terrible. Luckily one of my great friends invited me over at almost midnight to help me make something for them. (I almost settled for the store-bought kind-but they were sold out!)

I'm glad they were sold out so I could make something. It was totally last minute, and not very original at all, but this mama needed some shut-eye too.

Here is what I came up with...the standard heart and candy Valentine...

It feels totally lame because I have been crafting for years and this is all I did. The kids woke up the next morning and loved them! It wasn't all bad. :)

I had to remind my 5 year old that the candy was for her classmates and not her. I could tell by the look in her eye. She thought she got to have a whole bag to herself. ;p

I didn't have a chance to put together anything special for their gift so I bought two easter gift baskets! Like I said, they were sold out of Valentines and most of the other good stuff.

I will add a few paper hearts to it and they won't know the different. I never buy those Easter Baskets at easter time so they may never notice!

Now to recap last year when I was much better at this thing...

I went all out. It was technically my and my husband's first Valentine's Day together. I made him a man bouquet. I got a red container (I  think it was actually a planter-it must have been on sale) hehe, and filled it with random things he loves. I attached a special note to each one explaining in a clever way why I included that in the bouquet.

Some of the things in it was:
Wing sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings (Our first Date)
Monster drink(It's his favorite)
and all of his favorite candies.

I used scrapbook paper for the notes and I attached them with tape to wooden skewers. I attached a few good pictures of us to some too. I think it came out pretty good. I think he enjoyed it more than he would real flowers. :)

The kids also got some bags filled with cookies, chips and candy...all the good stuff they don't normally get. I threw in a few toys and and tied a party city heart balloon to the top.

They LOVED it! Why wouldn't they. Junk food and toys are the best.

I made some Valentine cupcakes as well. I got a little creative with those. I put the icing in a zip lock baggie and cut a tiny hole in the corner and made some crazy designs. After I was finished Icing I dipped them in pink sparkle sprinkles.

Some of them I made a template of a heart and poured the sprinkles on.

Some I dipped and then added more icing to give more dimension. They were almost all different and tasted wonderful. I used Pillsbury strawberry cake mix and Betty Crocker milk chocolate icing.
I think all in all last year was an awesome Valentine's Day. I will update you later on how today goes :)

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