Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mary Kay Makeover

This morning my friend and Mary Kay consultant hosted a little get together to do facials. She is in a race with herself to do as many facials as she can. If she does enough she just may win some money for her favorite local charities. I was happy to lend my face.

We had some muffins. We had some was a pretty good morning. :)

...on to the make-up! I have to start by saying I have tried many different products and Mary Kay always seems to work out best for me. I've tried their lip, face and hand products mostly and have been nothing less than satisfied with them.

With all my crocheting I have terrible dry hands. Their satin hands is AMAZING!
Satin lips is pretty amazing too. :)

I have very fair skin, and I'll admit I do not take care of my skin like I should. I was glad to go today to get a kick in the right direction. My face/cheeks mostly, are always very red. I wouldn't consider it rosacea, but they are definitely rosy! 
The lighting isn't the greatest for this picture, but my face usually is this red! lol

I was so pleased with the foundation she chose for me. You can hardly tell I have anything on my face and the redness was subdued. I love it!

The lipstick was a big change. I NEVER wear lipstick. I can never find the right shade. I am too cheap to buy different kinds to trial and error. This is why I love Mary Kay. I can try everything!

This lipstick is called "Maple."
 I think it has more of a pink tint on my lips. 
(I have pink undertones everywhere!)
 Every shade is different on everyone so I suggest trying them all! 
It's more fun that way ;p

I can't remember what all was on my eyes, but if you like this shade of lipstick here is the link to the website.
And here is my friend's business page on Facebook. She is extremely motivated, an EXCELLENT consultant. :)

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