Friday, February 15, 2013

Vinyl frame Menu Board

I just can't get enough of all this vinyl on glass! I just made the Mr. and Mrs. signs, but a couple weeks ago I also went to a party where we made our own menu boards. My friend cut the vinyl to the size of frame we had and we put it on the glass. I added some cute scrapbook paper and ended up with an adorable menu board.
This one was also made cutting the vinyl backwards so it sticks to the inside of the frame. It makes it so much easier to erase and write again. Your menu board will last longer because you aren't trying to wipe over the letters all the time.

I need to hang this one too. I am falling behind. I think by the time I get everything hung up we will have to move again. :)

...and, YES, that is Klaus on the TV in the background...I love me some Vampire Diaries!

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