Sunday, February 17, 2013

Striped Pixie Earflap Hat

Striped Pixie Earflap Hat

Original Design
Kayla Anderson


Size J crochet hook

worsted weight self-striping yarn
(self-striping cotton was used in this pattern)
95 yards=1 skein of cotton
some extra in accent color for pom pom
darning needle

4.5stitches and 3 rows =1.5 inches

Stitches used:
Magic ring=wrap yarn around finger two times, 
insert hook through loop, yarn over hook, pull through loop.
sl st=slip stitch
sc=single crochet
hdc=half double crochet

When making this pattern the end of each "row" does 
not line up with one another (at the end of the pattern) as it grows in diameter. 
This will create a smoother transition with increases.

The nature of this pattern allows for imperfection.
Counting off on one or two stitches will not change the finished product. 
I hope you find this simple and adorable! Thank you.

Starting at the top of the hat...

Make a magic ring
Hdc 6 times in ring

Do not join rows with a sl st. This is worked continuously.
Hdc 6 times
from here you will increase your hdc's-do not repeat the 2hdc again.
                                                                      ( )=number of stitches
2hdc, (hdc)* 5 times (7)
2hdc, (hdc)* 6 times (8)
2hdc, (hdc)* 7 times (9)
2hdc, (hdc)* 8 times (10)
2hdc, (hdc)* 9 times (11)
2hdc, (hdc)* 10 times (12)
2hdc, (hdc)* 11 times (13)
2hdc, (hdc)* 12 times (14)
2hdc, (hdc)* 13 times (15)
2hdc, (hdc)* 14 times (16)
2hdc, (hdc)* 15 times (17)

Starting now the rows will not line up. 

2hdc, (hdc)* 5 times, 2hdc, (hdc)* 10 times
2hdc, (hdc )*5 times, 2 hdc, (hdc)* 11 times
2hdc, (hdc)* 5 times, 2 hdc, (hdc)* 12 times
2hdc, (hdc)* 5 times, 2 hdc, (hdc)* 13 times
2hdc, (hdc)* 5 times, 2 hdc, (hdc)* 14 times
2hdc, (hdc)* 5 times, 2 hdc, (hdc)* 15 times
2hdc, (hdc)*5 times, 2 hdc, (hdc)* 16 times
2hdc, (hdc)* 5 times, 2 hdc, (hdc)* 17 times
2hdc, (hdc)* 5 times, 2 hdc, (hdc)* 18 times   
2hdc, (hdc)* 5 times, 2 hdc, (hdc)* 19 times  
2hdc, (hdc)* 5 times, 2 hdc, (hdc)* 20 times

Hdc 3 rounds.

sc3, sl st 3
ch2 turn, hdc 9
ch 2 turn, hdc2tog, hdc across
repeat until 1 stitch remains.
finish off leaving about 10 inches of yarn (this can weave into the braids.)

Other earflap:

Skip about 8 stitches
Attach and ch 2, hdc 9
ch 2, turn hdc2tog, hdc across
repeat until 1 stitch remains.
Finish off leaving about 10 inches of yarn (this can weave into the braids.)

Cut about 22 pieces of yarn to about 20 inches long.

use 11 pieces and weave through the bottom tip of the earflap pulling equal on both sides. Braid. do this for the other earflap.

Turn hat inside out. Move on to pom pom


Using the accent color wrap the yarn around a 3 inch 
object many times (100+ depending on how thick you want the pom pom.) 
I used my cell phone.

 Pull the yarn off the object and tie with a piece of yarn of the same color around the center. Pull as tight as you can without breaking the yarn. 

Cut the loops that are created by tying. 

Fluff a little and you have a pompom. 
You can hold it over a trashcan and trim so that all 
the strands are the same size. I chose not to because 
I prefer the messier look. Attach to the tip of the hat.

NOTE: You can make this hat in any size you just keep increasing until you get the correct circumference. Just remember the way this pattern is written, the larger the hat, the longer the tail. Also consider adding a few more stitches to each earflap to accommodate for the larger size.

Thank you for stopping by my blog to check out my patterns. 
Please do not redistribute this pattern as your own. 
Linking up to this post is welcome. 
You may also sell whatever you make from this pattern.
Giving design credits from whatever you make 
would be awesome, but not necessary.

Happy Crocheting!


  1. Very sweet pattern,many thanks,will post a pic up on ravelry when i am done.
    annie x

    1. Awesome! I can't wait to see it :)

    2. Hi Kayla, thank you for a very sweet pattern and it's so versatile. I'm having some issues understanding the instructions though :( This sequence:
      2hdc, (hdc)* 5 times, 2hdc, (hdc)* 10 times
      2hdc, (hdc )*5 times, 2 hdc, (hdc)* 11 times
      2hdc, (hdc)* 5 times, 2 hdc, (hdc)* 12 times
      Do you mean, 2hdc in same stitch/spot, then 1hdc in next st, then repeat that 5x, then do the same again for 10x?? If so, why not say to do this (2hdc in same st, 1hdc) for 15 times? Sorry, I'm an Australian so it's not making sense to me. Any help is appreciated...I have an impatient grand-daughter waiting for Nannie to finish this for her and her baby sister whose name is also Kayla lol... Thanks

  2. Hello Chickie!

    First of all, thank you for trying my pattern. I want to apologize that my instructions are not very clear. I have only written a few patterns and am always looking for feedback if there are any problems. So thank you for your comment.

    In the sequence you are talking about

    2hdc, (hdc)* 5 times, 2hdc, (hdc)* 10 times
    2hdc, (hdc )*5 times, 2 hdc, (hdc)* 11 times
    2hdc, (hdc)* 5 times, 2 hdc, (hdc)* 12 times

    You will hdc 2 in the same stitch and then you will do one hdc in the next five stitches. So you are repeating just the hdc. That is why that part is in ( ). I hope that makes sense for you.

    The beauty of this pattern is it doesn't have to be perfect. As long as you are getting a gradual increase in circumference you should be fine. :) Let me know if you don't understand that or if you have any more questions.

    Thanks again!

  3. Hi Kayla, I was curious how big the hat is after reading that the one lady was making it for her grandbaby. I'm newish, and so changing a pattern is a big deal lol. If i want to make this for an adult, how much do i increase? Thanks!