Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reused Always Infinity Pads boxes

I accidentally bought 4 different boxes of pads thinking I had not bought any-can you imagine where my mind must have been-haha  Anyway, I had a few extra boxes that I had not already thrown in the recycle bin that I thought were the perfect size to hold my baby girls lotions and body washes. 

They were the perfect height and width. I did not care for the big "Always" logo on the front so I covered them in plain, heavy scrapbook paper. They are fine for now, but I am still thinking of what I can add to give them a little more character. Maybe rhinestones, lol. 

You could cover just about any box with even more interesting scrapbook paper, but I thought the infinity boxes were very sturdy-and like I said, just the right size :)
There is even a tiny little oval window in the box that you could cut out with an exacto knife if you choose to go all out ;P

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