Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We were just notified about a week ago that we got a house! We can finally move into a larger house! I have been packing, organizing, getting rid of stuff, and cleaning. I am so tired and I have so much more to do.  Most of my crafts and supplies have been packed away (and we don't even get the house until oct) my time and energy will have to be focused on fun/clever ways to make this old house perfect and brand new.

The latest cleaning technique I tried was cleaning my top loading washing machine.  The instructions are fill with hot water and add a quart of bleach-that much kinda scared me so i used what i had left in the bottle. Turns out it was about a cup. Let it sit for an hour then finish the cycle. Then do the same thing with a quart of vinegar. Again I only used about a cup even though it is much safer than bleach. My only complaint is I really wanted some salt and vinegar chips after that, haha. Before you finish the cycle with the vinegar check out that water! NASTY! Hard to believe something that washes something else could be so gross and unclean. Well now my washer is so pretty and shiny clean :)

Too bad I forgot to take pictures. Maybe next time.

Next project: Denim travel roads for C's hot wheels. I WILL take pictures for that post :) Night everyone...

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