Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gathered t-shirt

This is another project from pinterest.

My wolverine t-shirt ---> gathered tank top

My husband gave me an awesome Wolverine t-shirt that I LOVED but was literally down to my knees. I figured this would be the perfect shirt to use for the altered tshirt tutorial. 

It is yet again anther simple project.

First you cut the sleeves off just inside the seam. Then cut the top of the shirt off right under the neckline-straight across. you now have a square/rectangular shape, no curves! 
Now you need to make the little tunnels for the neck piece. Fold the top of one side of the tshirt to the inside about an inch. Do the same to the back. 
To make the rope that makes the neck of the shirt you cute the hemmed line from the sleeves you already cut off. Cut them once so you have two pieces and sew those pieces together at one spot. Feed the rope through the "tunnels" of the tshirt then sew the rope together. Shimmy the rope around until the sewn parts are hidden inside the shirt. Your shirt is finished! :)

Sorry if my instructions are hard to follow; I always forget to take pictures as I go. If you are having issues you can always search on pinterest for a similar tutorial.

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