Monday, July 23, 2012

Packed and ready to go

     After two days of washing and packing I am ready to go! It is my first time flying with a baby and I'll be doing it by myself! Yikes... Hopefully she will behave herself. I have heard most people are pretty nice and considerate to people traveling with newborns. Let's hope so!
     While visiting home in Indiana I have a few stops I HAVE to make. I have only been away from Indiana for 10 months, but it feels like a decade.
The places I miss are:

     Texas Roadhouse
     Steak and Shake
     Pizza King
     Dairy Dream
The foods I can't find here:
     Open Pit BBQ sauce
     Ortega taco sauce

Those are only a few...

     Some of the places I plan to visit are the old bridge in Albany, the water well in granville, and the shoe tree in albany. Those are my favorite places from my childhood and I want my baby girl to see them, even if she is only two months old, haha. We will have lots of cool pictures of her. We also HAVE to get a picture of her on the new pony my dad bought for his grandkids. I can't wait. Lots of fun pictures to come next time I post. It will be at least a week before I post again. Take care!

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