Sunday, July 22, 2012

Feeling Crafty Today...

Today the family took a trip into town. We went to Lowe's and JoAnn Fabrics. I guess we were all feeling a little crafty today. I have been wanting to do something to make the kids' room more special, so I made a sheer canopy for E's bed.

Supplies I used:

Styrofoam hoop - 4.29
12 yards total of shimmer tulle (6 yards of purple, 6 yards of blue) - 1.19/yard on sale
thread - had in the house
needle - had in the house
ribbon - leftover from another project
beads - on sale for 2.99
1 yard of flower border (not really sure what it was called) - 6.99/yard

     I started out with three yards of each color. I hot glued the purple halfway around the hoop, bunching it as I glued it. I put the other purple material on the other side. I did the same thing with the blue, glueing it on top of the purple. I took the excess that hangs on the inside of the hoop and sewed it to itself so that it wrapped completely around the hoop and was secured. The front center where the panels come together I took extra tulle and wrapped and sewed that together to create the center.
     Once I got all the tulle in place I hot glued the flower border onto the outside where the fabric was sewn together. I glued some clear beads in a symmetrical design to the center of the hoop to give it the look of a crown. This went well with E's princess themed room. Once the canopy was together I glued and sewed some ribbon to it to hang it.

     You can either screw a hook to the center of the bed on the ceiling and hang the ribbon to it or do like we did for her. She wanted it up right away and I FORGOT the hooks so we improvised with a wall hook she already had. It works just as well to hang it on the wall if you can't hang it directly above.
    E LOVES her new canopy. She feels like a princess :)

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