Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Book Review: To Rise Again At A Decent Hour clarify...I won this ARC in a first reads Goodreads giveaway.

Ok. There. I did it. I finally finished the book. Now I can move on with my life.
How do I even begin to describe my feelings about this book. It is like nothing else I have ever read before. I'll start by giving it a 3.649284 out of 5.

It was so boring at times I gave into my headache and actually put the book down. That was disappointing. I wanted to love every word in the book, but I was constantly repelled every time I got to the parts about religious history. Not because it was uninteresting, but mostly because I feel like it was over my head and I didn't know what to believe. Then to my relief I came to the conclusion that my opinion on it's validity was of no importance to the overall concept of the story.

I eventually picked the book up again, and oh was I so happy I did! There are many moments that made up for the small boring tidbits (x10000000). There were parts that I literally LOLed. There were even more times that I related a little more to the main character than I would ever have wanted. There were some pretty brilliant descriptions about everyday events that I would have normally never stopped to appreciate how grand they really are. 

Much like the main character, my opinion on the novel is also a contradiction to itself. I loved it, but hated it. I loved it more than I hated it though... and I really grew fond of Dr. Paul C. O'Rourk. His character was so meticulously created and displayed. I haven't read of any other character yet that has been built upon with each line, each word. Every eccentricity was more insight to his character. He went off on a lot of tangents, and I ALMOST got confused and lost in it all, but the author brought you back soon enough for it not to be a problem. It was in all of those tangents that you get to know Paul for who he is and why he is they way he is.

I like how the book ended. That's all I will say.

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