Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book Review: The Edge of Never

My book reviews are my personal opinion. I am not paid for reviews. I read and write reviews for fun. Some books are given to me, some are won in giveaways and some are purchased. All reviews are my full honest opinion and it is not in any way for or against a specific author. Thank you!

The Edge Of Never
J. A. Redmerski

** spoiler alert ** Every once in awhile I need to read a really good love story. This was a really good love story. I thoroughly enjoyed following the characters.

Camryn had dealt with a lot of heartache. She was somewhat damaged, but understandably, but not in the horribly horrific worst way. She still had a little fight left in her. She wanted to change things. She had her reservations, but that didn't stop her from living her life. She just went after what she knew would make her happy...along the way she met Andrew.

I love Andrew. I know I'm married and I can't have him (nevermind the fact that he is a fictional character-haha), but he really is amazing. He has his flaws, but he makes up for them in every other aspect. He's got a great story of his own and I COULD NOT put the book down in anticipation of finding out what it was.

These two had chemistry like no other. They had a beautiful friendship that quickly turned into a beautiful "love story." The best love story I've read in awhile.

I entered the giveaway for "The Edge of Always" #2 in this series and WON! ...that is actually how I heard of this book. I quickly read this so now I am ready to receive my copy of the second book in the series and see what else happens :)

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