Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Book Review: The Book Thief

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The Book Thief
Markus Zusak

5 stars!

For a book set during the Nazi Germany time period it was thoroughly entertaining and hilarious. The perspective from which it was written gives a neutral view that allows for that kind of humor. You will instantly fall in love with every character, even the ones you don't want to. You will feel their joy, pain, satisfaction, humiliation, gratitude, etc... I felt like a member of Liesel's very disfunctional family, and was quite proud of it!

Liesel deals with so much heartbreak it's hard to read sometimes, but her challenges and journey keep you turning the page. I love a book that will make me think and cry....and cry I did! A lot. Mostly on the inside because I don't like to blur my vision (that makes reading more difficult). It's a feel-good cry. The moments you know are inevitable, you see them coming, but you still bawl like a baby. 

There's a lot in this book that is very hard to fathom, but I believe is necessary for everyone once they reach a certain age. Although a fictional story, it still paints a very realistic picture of the times. The truth of this time is painful, but the knowledge of the past must be passed on and this novel is a great tool to do just that. 

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