Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weight loss journey starts NOW!

After many many years of being overweight, I am ready to make a huge change. To be honest I have started and stopped this process many times.

In the beginning I wasn't motivated enough and I kept putting on the weight. Eventually my arthritis (psoriatic) got so bad that I needed to make a change or I couldn't walk or even breath sometimes. :(

I tried many times to exercise and it just hurt me so bad I couldn't walk the next day.  It was hard to overcome and I felt defeated. Those feelings didn't help my diet. I felt if I couldn't exercise, "what what the point?" I then put on more and more weight.

Skip to now, after having my daughter and having pain so bad I can't sleep most nights, walk or even sneeze without crying...I have had enough!

With the help of my awesome doctor and a new medication (new to me) I am finding some relief!! I've been on it a couple months and I am feeling some great results from it. The pain never fully went away, but how can it when I weigh this much and still have a horrible diet with no movement in my life?

So I researched and researched...I read that eating clean (duh!) helps...and not only that, for me specifically, but I could also incorporate an elimination diet of certain foods that contribute to inflammation and pain with arthritis. I have eliminated night shade foods and red meats thus far. It has been about a week and I FEEL INCREDIBLE! Omgosh! I wish I knew this when I was 10, my life could have been completely different.

With the help of my new nutrition and medication I am now able to EXERCISE! I have been incorporating yoga, walking and zumba on my wii. I love it and I have never felt better.

At my heaviest right after having my daughter I weighed in at 256#. That is a devastating number to me and I never want to see it again :(

This picture is plain awful! Turning point photo! lol 246#

I have worked hard these last couple weeks - starting at 246# two weeks ago-I am now down to 240#.

Slow and steady. I know if I keep at it I will reach my goal and get my life back. I have felt trapped in this painful body for too long. I am so ready to change.

Like I said before. I have started this journey many many times and quit too many times. What is different this time? I hope a lot is different. I am afraid of quitting. I am terrified to do this because I think I will just fail again.

I am trying to be smarter about things this time. I am more educated. I feel better.

One of the biggest things is I am trying to surround myself with positive thoughts from friends and family. I also just get on google (or bing) lol every once in awhile and search (weight loss motivational quotes). There is some good stuff on there! I recently made a poster with weight breakdown and pictures of myself, now and back when I was smaller, as motivation.
I think looking at this everyday and marking off each pound will give me great motivation to keep going on those days it gets too tough.

Until next time...good luck with your journey!

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