Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vertical Ridge Scarf

Vertical Ridge Scarf

For this scarf I started with a fhdc (foundation half double crochet.) I learned how to do it this last week and my crocheting style will never be the same. It makes life so much easier. Before my starting edge would be uneven and unsightly. Now using the fhdc the edge is much nicer and uniform.

To make this scarf you fhdc until you reach the desired length you want.
Row 1: hdc in blo (back loop only) for the length of the scarf. (this gives it that ridge look)

Continue this, row after row, until you reach the desired width you want.
In my scarf I continued row 1, five more times.

To finish I did not tie off yet, I sc crocheted all the way around it to give it a neater finish. Be sure to sc three times in the same stitch at each corner so your scarf does not curl on itself and you keep those pointy corners. 

On simple designs like this you can always add a flower or button here or there to give it a little more detail. I still haven't quite decided what I might add to this one yet.

You may use this pattern for whatever you like. It's very simple and I'm sure someone somewhere has used these same simple stitches in a similar way, who am I to keep this from you ;p

I made this hat to match it. It is the Divine Hat. I found the pattern through, but here is the link to the blog directly.

I modified this one quite a bit to get a better fit. I only crocheted to the fpdc on each previoius fpdc and 3dc in first chain space between fpdc and dc until I reached the size I wanted...I tried following the pattern the other way, but it was huge. Always check your gauge. :)

Happy Crocheting!!

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