Saturday, January 5, 2013

Household item makeovers

Today my family and I got an early start and headed to town for some breakfast at IHOP. I LOVE breakfast diners. It's all a little over priced, but I love getting together for a meal in the mornings when we don't usually get that chance through the week. After IHOP we went to Target for some household items. I got all of the essentials, but I just couldn't leave without these awesome sticker decals! 
I have been eyeing them for months and I finally broke down and bought them. I was lucky enough to come across a large mirror that I got for FREE a couple weeks ago,  and it is a bit plain so I thought these decals would spruce it up a little. 

The nice thing about these is you can still use the mirror. We hung the mirror in the entryway by the front door so it's not really critical you see your reflection ;p It's just for looks...
I did not measure when placing the stickers and you can probably tell it. I like to free hand things. I'm okay if it's a little off...most things in my life are anyway!
The stickers definitely give it a little something extra, but I think later on I might paint the frame a different color.

Today I also gave an old cabinet a makeover. I got this cabinet for FREE as well! I think this style is usually used for bathrooms as a medicine cabinet and a towel rack, but I have an old quilt that I wanted on display and thought this cabinet would be PERFECT for it.
A little history on the quilt because it is amazing! was my grandpa's (he is still living) ...when he was a young boy his grandma and the town ladies in a small town in Tennessee would get together and quilt. They decided to make him one. Each woman made a quilt block and put them all together for him. They either initialed it or wrote their names with thread inside the square they contributed. It is mismatched and beautiful. It means so much to my grandpa and he knew it would mean so much to me so he let me have it. I love that my GREAT GREAT grandma had a hand in making it. The best part it is dated:1940.
There were wooden knobs on the cabinet, but I found some awesome knobs at Jo Ann Fabrics that look great on it instead.

Here is the cabinet in my kitchen. I just need to frame some of my college artwork to add to that bare wall and my dining room should be complete :)
Don't mind the ROUND table cloth. I plan to make a rug out of it (thanks to pinterest) but I need a tablecloth right now. In my opinion it looks kinda nifty on a rectangular table.
I love my fake Hobby Lobby flowers in the vase I got from my husband when we were dating. 

Surround yourself with the things that you love and it will all somehow go together perfectly.

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