Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Alphabet wall

This is a wooden letter I bought at Jo-ann Fabrics (with a coupon!) and painted with the same acrylic paint I had left over from the canvas paintings. I also found some extra ribbon and tied it around a couple times with a bow. This project was about $2 or $3.
(sorry the picture is so dark on the letter-my daughter was napping when I took it).

I plan on making a lot more things for A and my other two.
One of the big projects I would like to start soon for all of them is an alphabet wall. One of my friends made one for her daughter and it looks amazing!
Here is her wall...
Awesome, right?!

I love the general color scheme she used.

She has a lot of other great stuff she has made. Here is a link to her pinterest board.

Just a tip-Download the Jo Ann Fabrics or Michael's app to your smart phone. They have every coupon available to you right there. It can be scanned directly from your phone so you don't have to worry about leaving those snail mail coupons at home. (I always forget mine!) They usually have multiple available at a time. I have never gone to any of those stores and paid full price thanks to that app!

Happy Crafting (& saving!)

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