Monday, September 3, 2012

My Labor Day Weekend (Saturday)

It was a nice long Labor Day weekend with my family and my husbands good childhood friend. Since we moved here in California he lives only a few hours away from us now. I know my husband is one happy man. We spent Saturday relaxing, video gaming, shopping at the mall and going out to dinner. ...And trying what seemed like every dessert known to man...that was not planned, but very nice. It started at Marie Callender's-pie included in our meal deal. Then we went to sonic for some Happy Hour beverages-Coke Zero is my drink of choice ;p-the others got ocean waters and chocolate shakes-see where this is going???? Then we went to a local cupcake shop called Double D Cupcakes

We already tried Nadia Cakes when we first moved. Both were winners on the show Cupcake Wars. Once you taste them you will know why! We tried 6 different flavors over the course of the weekend. My favorite from Double D Cupcakes was the Red Dahlia-Red Velvet with cream cheese icing. So Delicious! My favorite from Nadia Cakes  is the Lemon Drop Cupcake. Lemon cupcake with some sort of icing on top that I can't seem to remember right now :( with a lemon drop candy on top.

After our sugar rush I bought some yarn from JoAnn's. I got a nice big "cash register surprise." First of all, I forgot my wallet at home, so I went into the store hoping to use my husbands card (same account),  without being carded. Or, I had $15 cash. I picked out my yarn which I was sure was going to be more than $15. While waiting in line one of the employees comes over to me and asks if I have cash because her debit machine wasn't working. I said yes, but I think my things cost more than the cash I have...unless these are on sale. I was fully expecting them NOT to be on sale. She rings them up and the total comes to $14.62...Under $15 and I even got some change back ;p Like I said...nice big "cash register surprise!"

This is what I am making with all of that yarn I bought...a granny square blanket for my daughter's toddler bed when the time comes. I still need to square it off with the light turquoise color, and make a ton more of them to sew together ;p Should I make them all the same? Or vary the order of the colors??

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