Friday, November 22, 2013

Honoring Our Veterans

I know a lot of my posts are centered around my weight loss journey or crafting in some way. I love sharing my crochet patterns, pinterest fails, or recipes, etc., but today I thought I would change things up a bit.

In honor of Veterans Day being this month I was asked to share a link to an article about PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. "Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), once called shell shock or battle fatigue syndrome, is a serious condition that can develop after a person has experienced or witnessed a 
traumatic or terrifying event in which serious physical harm occurred or was threatened," -WebMD. 

This blog post by The American Recall Center offers some important information on the topic.
Caring For Our Heroes: Learn About PTSD This Veterans Day

"The American Recall Center provides drug and medical device recall information alongside practical healthcare information and support. We aim to build the most comprehensive resource on the Internet for timely and trusted material regarding healthcare topics that matter to the consumer. The team at ARC is dedicated to helping consumers find accurate information with ease," -The American Recall Center (About Us).

Although this post is coming around Veterans day, and although most of us associate PTSD with military members who have seen combat, PTSD can occur in any person who has experienced a traumatic event. Unless you or someone close to you has experienced this condition, you probably haven't really thought about it too much. PTSD can be very debilitating and those who have it have a lot of obstacles to overcome. Let's take this time to educate ourselves a little more so that we may show support for those who have it.

Also in the article offered by The Recall Center are further resources that could be beneficial to those experiencing PTSD.

To those veterans who have served and fought for everything we have and stand for today, I thank you.

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