Thursday, November 22, 2012

Crocheting for a friend

Here are a few things I have made lately that I will be giving to a friend. In return she is knitting some awesome little outfits for A.

 The first hat is a hello kitty hat for her daughter.
I loved making this hat.

My husband took this hat to work to show a co-worker and now she wants a couple for her nieces, I am also making one for each of my daughters so i  will be busy!!!

This other hat is just so adorable. The picture does not show you the real color of the green. It is more of a muted green than a bright green. It's a super cute newsboy hat with a button. I can't wait to see this on my friend. I bet it will be so cute!

The other thing that I have made recently was a really quick flower headband for my youngest daughter. We did family pictures -I'll post those in the next post-and we all wore flannel shirts. Everyone looked great and I added this headband to A's outfit to make her image a little more girlie. People are still getting her confused with being a boy---not sure how that happens with those gorgeous long red locks she has! Anyway...she looked ADORABLE!
Here is a close-up of the headband. I think this is another thing I'm going to have to make a lot of. They will look great with any outfit!

Here are the links to patterns (or inspiration) if you are interested:

Instead of the band over the front I added a button over a crocheted circle

This band was slightly modified. I made my own band and used the flower as a guide. I ended the pattern short with out adding the last row where the picture shows it in a different color. I only stopped short because it was literally picture time. haha

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